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Saturday December 17 2022
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Hosted by: The Westcott Theater

*** Vinnie Amico (moe.), Rob Derhak (moe.), Tim Palmieri (Lotus), Nate Wilson (Ghosts of Jupiter). ***
All Ages
Doors @ 7pm
Music @ 8pm
lue Star Radiaton ft.Rob Derhak & Vinnie Amico (moe.), Tim Palmieri (Lotus), Nate Wilson (Assembly of Dust)Musical artists collaborate all the time.We all can identify with that feeling when your favorite band invites a well known keyboardist, or killer guitarist on stage at a festival or show.It is simply magical.When renowned keyboardist Nate Wilson, band leader for Ghosts of Jupiter, and founding member of both Assembly of Dust, and Percy Hill, came to Moe.s bassist and vocalist,RobDerhak with the idea to form a band on those principles, the band Blue Star Radiation took its first breath.Enlisting the drumming prowess of Moe.s long time rhythm keeper, Vinnie Amico, and none other than guitarist and vocalist from the legendary bands The Breakfast, Kung Fu, and most recently Lotus, Tim Palmieri, the genesis of Blue Star came to be.A band of improvisational, jam band musicians that share an affinity for the classic rock we all know and love.The ditties, the anthems, and the deep cuts that remind us of a different time.They simply write the songs and play the covers that give the audience goosebumps.