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Wednesday November 16 2016

Co-op Annual Meeting

Hosted by: Syracuse Real Food Cooperative

Annual Meeting of the #SyracuseRealFoodCoop . Light refreshments served by #MyLuckyTummy. Quorum of 100 members needed to pass the Bylaws. Bring one canned good and the Co-op will match your donation. If the 100 member quorum is reached the Co-op will double match your donation. Proceeds to benefit #CNYFoodBank .

Syracuse Real Food Co-op Annual Membership Meeting
Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 7:00 pm
(1342 Lancaster Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210)

1. Welcome & Refreshments – Light Fare Served 7:00 pm
2. Call to Order & Introductions 7:30 pm
3. Determination of Quorum 7:35 pm
4. Proof of Due Notice of Meeting 7:38 pm
5. Reading & Disposition of Minutes: Fall Membership Meeting 11/2015 7:40 pm
6. Annual Reports
a. President’s Report
b. Treasurer’s Report
c. General Manager’s Report 7:45 pm
7. Unfinished Business 8:05 pm
8. New Business
a. Proposed Amendment to Bylaws
b. Q&A 8:05 pm
9. Election of Directors
a. Nominations Report
b. Introduction of Candidates
c. Ballot Instructions 8:40 pm
10. Adjournment 9:00 pm