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Sunday November 4 2018
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Eastside Neighbors Lecture Series – Bob Oddy: Stained Glass Art and Technique

Hosted by: Westcott Community Center

Bob Oddy was educated and lived his first 37 years in England. He came to Syracuse, in the middle of his first career, to teach Information Science at SU. After several years in which he pursued stained glass as a hobby, he resigned his professorship to focus on stained glass art full time. Almost all of his work has been commissioned for homes and work places across the country. He has written many articles and taught several intensive workshops on stained glass art.
Discussion will touch on topics such as: Techniques to achieve realism and detail: thoughtful choice of glass, intricate cutting, copper foil, fusing and painting. The illusion of depth: impression of 3 dimensions and of distance.