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Thursday November 8 2018

Hyperglow5 Syracuse, NY! “Americas Largest Glow Party”

Hosted by: hyperglow tour

Celebrating 5 Years of…
Hyperglow Tour “America’s Largest Glow Party”

SYRACUSE, NY! – The Westcott Theater
Thursday, November 8th – Fall 2018

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Since its inception in 2013, Hyperglow Tour has been on a mission to become America’s Largest Party. With massive expansions across the world, five consecutive years later this vision has certainly become a reality. By now, it would be expected that the novelty of glow events would be extinct, but Hyperglow reimagined their party’s into an unforeseen over-the-top experience; combining massive themes, high energy dance music, mind-blowing performances and entertainers under an ultra violet atmosphere.

This season we will celebrate each and everyone one of you that has given your love to Hyperglow and created 5 Years of unforgettable lifelong-memories. A toast to where we have been, and where we are going! This tour we invite you and your friends to your celebration as we hit the road with some new and exciting destinations. THANK YOU! #Hyperglow5

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