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Saturday September 9 2023
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Rusko and Friends!

Hosted by: The Westcott Theater

All Ages!
Doors @ 7pm!
Music @ 8pm!

Rusko was born in Leeds and brought up in nearby York. He grew up in Wheldrake just outside of the city and attended Fulford School. He later graduated from Leeds College of Music with a degree in Music Performance.[4] Immersed in the world of dubstep through Leeds based event “Sub Dub” which was held at the West Indian Centre, Rusko moved to London to work with the record label Sub Soldiers with now no longer associated act Caspa.[1] During this period he introduced producer Reso to dubstep and the two lived for a time together, driving his flatmate “a bit mental” with hearing the track “Cockney Thug” through the wall for a week