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Sunday August 23 2015
10:45 pm

Sono Mundo- Live at Alto Cinco

Hosted by: Alto Cinco

Alto Cinco is proud to present live in concert:

Sono Mundo
Sunday, August 23, 10:45pm
No Cover

Sono Mundo is a live sound machine fueled by Max Puglisi and Jon Kane’s plethora of percussion and flown into the skies by the stellar saxophone playing of Greg White II. Also joining the group will be Cody Engstrom on organ and keytar! Aiming to aggregate the sounds of the world’s most captivating musics- those with GROOVE- Sono Mundo incorporates many elements of genres that leapt from the African diaspora; including Jazz, Funk, Latin, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, and Reggae.

The trio uses a small arsenal of world percussion, guitar, saxophone, mandolin, bass clarinet, voice, and a Loop Station to create soundscapes reminiscent of the world sounds that influence them. Come dig the jams #LateNight. There will definitely be some hip hop throwback surprises, so don’t miss out!