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Monday July 15 2019
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Westcott Neighborhood Watch

Hosted by: Neighborhood Watch

To all of you who were interested in a neighborhood watch: First event to be held @ Petit Library Meeting room 6-7 PM on Monday, July 15th. Will be looking to form a small neighborhood watch group(s). We are encouraged to make small street areas to keep it cozy-neighbor to neighbor. I will be looking to find leaders who can keep their group viable & who will be able to keep up with the means of communicating with residents (texting, phone trees, etc. ) What makes this more exciting is that the associations are trained by the SPD to be the eyes & ears for their community & how to share events with the Syracuse Police Department. So, neighbors, this is one way that YOU can make YOUR voice heard. You can be a window watcher or a dog walker & be a direct part of keeping our community safer! If you can’t make the meeting, please leave me a private message so I can keep you in the loop. Remember, this is a low effort method that each of us can use to personally improve the safety & security of our neighborhood-day by day!