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Family-Friendly Brunching

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Written by Kate Hammer

June 28, 2015

Our family loves weekend breakfast excursions. We share a favorite local brunch go-to with many of our friends. If you’re from around here you probably already guessed it right, but if you’re not you are surely in for a treat. I’m talking about Alto Cinco. Don’t get me wrong, the menu is perfection for any meal of the day, but when you have littles and you need to negotiate precarious nap schedules, breakfast is where it’s at. (Amen? Amen.)

During our last three visits I ordered the Tofu Scrambler. I’m usually a waffle or French toast sort of person, but in an attempt to try something healthier on a whim I gave this a shot and haven’t looked back. The dish is composed of scrambled curry tofu, vegan sausage, hash browns, toast and red sauce. And listen, it’s as aesthetically thrilling as it is tasty. This is the kind of food you want to Instagram even if you don’t have the app. It makes you want the app because this is the kind of beauty that to want to share with the world. And you should. But the food isn’t the only justification to whip out your iPhone and take record. Light downpours into the front windows and it is nothing short of magical. I am ever enchanted by the way sunbeams light up Alto’s eclectic décor: varied succulents in wall planters, classic bistro outdoor seating, larger than life fine art, and Moroccan stars hanging from a copper ceiling.

Here’s a hint: go early. On Saturdays the doors open at 8am. Get there at 7:45am. Enjoy a carless streetscape and park just outside—this cannot be overlooked if you have a heavy car seat in tow. If you bike, there are plenty of places to lock up. Walking is also strongly encouraged. Look south of the restaurant and make a 10 minute stop at Huckster Hill where Beach meets Westcott. Let the kids run around and pretend the artfully crafted benches are balance beams. At 8am on the dot, head in and spread out on the long leather bench in the second room on the East end. Place your order, sip your coffee and watch the morning light make halos over your darling kiddos. A little bit of Westcott paradise for a family in need of good food and a deep breath.

What are some of your favorite family-friendly places in the neighborhood? And why do you enjoy them?

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