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More Public Art, Please

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Written by Benjamin Tupper

November 5, 2015

I have had the good fortune to travel a lot in my time on this blue and green marble.  And during these travels I have enjoyed the diversity of foods, languages, and cultures.  But what has impressed me the most, and has created the strongest memories are the interactions and exposure I had to public art.  Be it the revolutionary murals of Sandinista Nicaragua, to the turquoise mosques of Afghanistan, to the up and coming  Down Town Las Vegas arts district, the unexpected and wide ranging expression of the creative spirit has never failed to inspire me.

And while the above mentioned places may have more “going on” than our humble Salt City, that has never stopped me from dreaming big for the potential and possibilities for public arts here in the ‘Cuse. As someone who grew up in the Westcott Nation/ University Neighborhood, and who now works and lives right on Euclid Ave. in the heart of it all, I am constantly reminded of the talent and pro-art spirit that exists in my neighborhood.

One has only to walk a few short blocks from the Westcott Business District to Euclid, and then towards the University to see literally a dozen public art projects permanently on display. From benches to sculptures to murals, and even trash cans disguised as pieces of art, are there to greet your eyes.

Even on the gloomiest winter day, this wide collection of public art  punctuates our barren snow covered landscape with blasts of colors and shapes and ideas. These displays remind us, during our cold treks to and fro,  that the vitality of the Spring and Summer season has not left us. No matter how cold the windchill, or how grey the skies, this art remains defiant and optimistic of better days ahead.

In this spirit of creating more art, and of supporting our local artists who have, and continue to make great public works, I have created the Lively-hood! Foundation for Public Arts and Culture.  This fund will be yet another asset to expand on our gallery of public art works in the Westcott and University neighborhood landscape by funding more permanent and pop-up projects.  For those interested in applying for funding, its as easy as visiting rentfromben.com, and clicking on the Lively-hood! tab. Until then, keep making art, and make sure to build time in your busy schedules to enjoy it!

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