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Barry Park Field House Mural Reveal

September 5, 2023

Samuel Gruber

Barry Park Field House Mural

TNT’s “City as Canvas” Project Finally Landed in Our Southeast Quadrant, with the completion of a wrap-around mural of the Barry Park Field House by local artist and Nottingham grad Cecily Thomas.

Join the Barry Park community for a mural reveal – or if you’ve already seen it consider it a mural modest revel – bring food and blanket and enjoy the park with neighbors on Wednesday, September 13th, 5;30-7:00 p.m. It is also a good time to join the Friends of Barry Park (also known as the Barry Park Association).

The bright colors and bold forms of the mural highlight the natural hues of the park, and the even-brighter ones of the nearby playground – a familiar spot to Cecily.



Cecily explains:

“My goal is to create something bold and beautiful for a place that is very important to me. I am Eastside-grown, and Barry Park has been a cornerstone of every stage of my life – I passed it on my way to school, it was a meet-up spot for me and my friends, and now it’s a place I can spend time with my son. I have seen this building at its worst and in an array of colors, but the way it matches the playground now inspires the colors and energy of my design. I cannot wait to give a piece of my art back to the place that grew me!”