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Flower Planters (Still) Brighten Westcott Street

September 5, 2023

Samuel Gruber


Flower Planters Brighten Westcott Street

Back in 2016 the Westcott Neighborhood Association’s Beautification Committee led by then-Board member Starke Donnally was busy making the commercial section of Westcott Street more attractive – this after lots of road and sidewalk work had disrupted business for a while, but also provided some new opportunities.  Wider sidewalks and traffic-calming “street necking” suggested the opportunity for big permanent flower planners. WNA received a $2,295 grant from Eastside TNT to purchase planters, and this was matched by a donation from Tupper Property Management. Additional sponsorship donations came from the university Neighborhood Preservation Association (UNPA), the West Community Center (WCC), Syracuse Real Food Cooperative, local business Westcott Barber and Picasso’s Pastries, and local residents Galyn Murphy-Stanley and Starke Donnally.

Seven years later the planters are still blooming, adding colors to the street. WNA maintained the seasonal planting for several years and then this was generously taken over by the grounds Department of Syracuse University which has know-how and the flowers to keep the planters in bloom from early spring to late fall.   If you see SU groundsman “Chappy” watering the flower or dead-heading geraniums, thank him for his work and devotion to the task.

And thanks again to all those who in the past made this project happen. It is always good to see a physical project that after its inception continues to serve.