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Free Litter Tongs from WNA @ Petit Library

September 5, 2023

Samuel Gruber

Free Litter Tongs!

WNA – through the good work of our Beautification Committee member member Andy Leahy – has made arrangements with Syracuse West Side anti-litter activist Dennis McGraw (not pictured) to distribute to East Side neighbors a starting batch of litter tongs.  Pick up your tongs (and then start picking up trash) starting 9 am, Tuesday, Sept. 5th at Petit Branch Library.

One per customer. While supplies last. Additional batches in future months? Yes, with your help!

Adopt you block – and more. Use your tongs once a week – to clean up your street. And/or join WNA’s  clean-up crew on the third Saturday of every month at 9:00 a.m. at Huckster Hill to fine-comb the neighborhood.  NOTE – in September we will be cleaning the fifth Saturday of the month – September 30th, the day before the Westcott Street Cultural Fair.