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Graffiti Busters!

August 29, 2022

Samuel Gruber

(Aug 29, 2022) Big thanks to the group of WNA members from our Beautification Committee who volunteered yesterday morning to tackle some obstinate graffiti on the Westcott-Euclid bus shelter on Westcott neighborhood public amenities. After experimenting with several solutions – literally – graffiti in several media came off the class and metal. This work is part of WNA’s ongoing efforts to confront ongoing problem in our neighborhood – in this case – superficial but generally unsightly and annoying.  We add graffiti removal especially on those amenities like the bus shelter and trashcans where WNA member put in countless hours of planning, design and fundraising to our regular clean-up efforts. Join us for neighborhood clean-ups the third Saturday of every month, or just use the time to step out your door and clean your own block. See graffiti in the wrong place, let us know! See trash, pick it up!