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Morningside Cultural Trail

August 14, 2015


Outdoor Activities

The Eastside has a new set of trail routes that connect our green spaces.

In Spring 2015, Syracuse Community Geography students worked with Paul Harvey, a local urban trail enthusiast, to produce a trail map for the Morningside Cultural Trails. The Morningside trail network includes over 7 miles of walking trails on Syracuse’s eastside. The 5-mile main trail connects Oakwood Cemetery, Morningside Park, Syracuse University, Ed Smith School and Barry Park. Morningside Cultural Trails is a coalition of the Syracuse Parks Department, community groups, neighborhood associations, schools and universities, that collaboratively maintains the trails. The trails traverse three neighborhoods, highlighting ​their many cultural, historic, literary, artistic, scientific, and recreational treasures. In addition to the 5-mile main trail, the network includes a 5-k route, tree trail, and history trail through Oakwood Cemetery, a nature trail leading up an old stone stairway, the “Monday Mile,” and a loop around Meadowbrook Pond.

You can find the map PDF here.