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New Arts Foundation

October 29, 2015


Art & Music

We’re excited to hear about a new funding source for arts and culture in the neighborhood! The following is from a press release distributed recently:

Tupper Property Management is proud to announce the creation of Lively-hood!, a foundation to foster art and cultural projects in and for the Syracuse University neighborhood. 

Lively-hood! will provide funds to create public arts projects in the eastern neighborhood  abutting Syracuse University, primarily in the area along Euclid Avenue from the SU campus to Westcott Street.

 Over the last two years, Tupper Property Management has sponsored a series of public art projects in this area, but is now aiming to expand the scope and quantity of projects with the Lively-hood! Foundation.   

According to Benjamin Tupper, owner of Tupper Property Management, over the last 24 months, his business has invested over $12,000 in public art projects in the University neighborhood. These include decorative public benches, murals, permanent interactive sculptures, as well as other forms of artwork embedded into the neighborhood scene.

Local artists and students have designed these existing projects.  “This is a vibrant neighborhood,” explains Tupper, “and we want to foster that spirit by expanding the number of artists who can add their creativity to it.”

Tupper hopes that Lively-hood! will “involve more local artists, be they students or permanent residents,  to expand on what already is a thriving, energetic neighborhood.”  Tupper envisions that Lively-hood! will sponsor projects such as murals, sculptures, and temporary “pop up” art displays.

Lively-hood! will select and fund approved projects and provide the real estate to display them. For information about proposing an art project, or to apply for funding,contact Ben at  tupper.property.management@gmail.com.