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New Versions of Morningside Cultural Trails Now Online

November 30, 2022

Samuel Gruber

Morningside Cultural Trails

Walking is good!  Walking is healthy! Walking is fun! And walking connects you to people and places in our wonderful Greater Westcott Neighborhood.

Looking for new places to walk?  The Morningside Cultural Trails network is made for you! Morningside Cultural Trails (MCT) encompass 10+ miles of urban walking trails in Syracuse’s University, Westcott, and Outer Comstock Neighborhoods. Each trail contains unique points of interest.

The network includes 9 different trails, each unique in their content and the story they intend to share. more trails are being developed all the time. These trails are maintained by a vast network of community volunteers led by the indefatigable Paul Harvey. The trail maps were created by the Syracuse Community Geography Program at Syracuse University.

Here’s and introduction to the trails – but you can follow them as an armchair travel online, or from your phone as you explore.

The Red Trail, or the Morningside Cultural Trail, begins in Barry Park and ends in historic Oakwood Cemetery. As you follow the trail, you explore local landmarks such as the Morningside Community Garden and the Islamic Society of Central New York.

The Orange Trail, or the Morningside Heights Trail, is unique for its exploration of a historic stairway connecting Ed Smith School to the Water Towers.

The Green Trail, or the Oakwood Tree Trail, showcases unique and rare tree species in Oakwood Cemetery. Explore the variation of flora while marveling at the extraordinary headstones and the picturesque landscape.

The Blue Trail, or the Oakwood Cemetery Landscape Trail, highlights the ravines, rolling hills, and vistas in Oakwood Cemetery.

The Public Arts Pathway showcases public art on the Syracuse University campus, in Oakwood Cemetery, and on Euclid and Westcott Streets in the University Neighborhood.

The Purple Trail, or Meadowbrook Detention Basin Loop, is a scenic 1.2 mile loop adjacent to Barry Park.

The Yellow Trail is a 5k loop through Oakwood Cemetery.

The Black Trail, or the Monday Mile Loop, is a one-mile loop starting at Barry Park.

The newest trail is the Oakwood Cemetery Flat Trail, a trail accessible for those of all abilities.

Find all these trails online at here