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Westcott Mourns Eastside Community Leader Tim Rice

September 28, 2022

Samuel Gruber

Westcott Remembers

Eastside Community Leader Tim Rice, who served as a County Legislator, a board member of the Westcott East Neighborhood Association (WENA), UNPA, and the Thornden Park Association, among other positions, died on September 14th at the age of 86. He was missed at this year’s Westcott Street Cultural Fair, an event he loved very much.

Tim with UNPA Colleagues at the 2015 Westcott St. Fair

Tim served 24 years as the 18th district Onondaga County legislator during which time he was both majority and minority leader of the Democratic legislative party. Beginning in 1993, he spent another three decades serving local community organizations in many capacities. No matter the good cause, Tim would be there to help. If there was live meeting, or more recent years, one on zoom, it was likely Tim would be on hand with optimism, experience, and sage advice.

He was especially devoted to Thornden Park, and gifts in his memory may be given to the Thornden Park Association.

There will be a memorial service for Tim on Saturday, October 8, 2022, at 1:00 p.m. at First Unitarian-Universalist Church, 250 Waring Road, Syracuse, NY 13224.

Tim’s obituary is here.