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The Old Neighborhood Part II

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748 South Beech Street / The Thornden

  • Built: Ca. 1915
  • Architect: Unknown
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At the intersection of Westcott and South Beech Streets is a large multifamily apartment house, built sometime between 1910 and 1927 and originally called the Thornden, but now known only by its street number, 748 South Beech. The appearance of the Thornden has changed over the years, with new siding, windows and doors applied, but its Westcott Street facade of three stacked porches remains striking – a uncommon example of the Triple-Decker (apartment) house more typical of working class immigrant New England neighborhoods. In 1927 the apartments were described thus: “The apartments accommodate six families with a living room, dining room, kitchen, three sleeping-rooms and bath for each apartment. The apartments have separate porches and entrances.”