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Avondale Place

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The area west of Westcott Street, including the Hopper Tract, which now comprises Avondale and Trinity Place, and Judson Street, was developed in the 1890s with some building continuing to the 1920s. Bernard Bannon of the Bannon Lumber Company lived on the street first at 102 Avondale, and then, after a fire, at 109 Avondale, two of the earliest houses on the block. Bannon apparently developed most of Avondale and Trinity Street. Bannon family lore tells that the name change from Wycliffe Street to Avondale Place in 1908 was instigated by Bannon, who wanted a more Irish name set amidst the many English-sounding streets (Clarendon, Buckingham, Lancaster, etc.). Nearby Hopper Street was changed to Greenwood in 1911.

Avondale Place consists mostly of houses built from the 1890s until World War I. The most distinctive aspects of the street can be found at each end. Near Westcott Street is the purpose-built multi-family Montague apartment building and at the far (west) end of the street are several houses transformed in the 1970s into cooperatives that served as incubators a of many of the social and cultural initiatives of Syracuse’s hippie-era counter culture.