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863 Lancaster Ave / Mrs. Hamilton White House

  • Built: 1910
  • Architect: Ward Wellington Ward
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This house either belonged to Adelaide J. Whitbread White (1855-1945), who was the wife of the famous firefighter and herself accomplished in musical circles, or her daughter-in-law Katherine Wright Cook White (1896-1972), wife of Hamilton Howard White (1885 – 1959). Mrs. White was a graduate of the Goodyear Burlingame School of Syracuse and the Emma Willard School in Troy. She also organized and operated the first women’s radio program in Syracuse, on WSYR.

Presumably the house was not a primary residence, but an in-city get-away cottage. It might also have been one of the houses that Hamilton White is said to have built as temporary residence for families displaced by fire. White apparently built several such houses throughout the city – many designed by Ward Wellington Ward.  They are often scattered, or built as in-fill buildings on left-over lots.