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The Old Neighborhood Part II

Stop #08

Greenwood Place (formerly Hopper)

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  • Architect: Unknown
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The southern stretch of street was formerly part of the Hopper Tract. On April 11, 1911 it was reported that a petition to change the name of Hopper Street to Greenwood Place was received. It was passed on April 18, 1911.

Greenwood was laid out more or less parallel to the older South Beech Street. Greenwood is not a through street. It terminates at the south at Clarendon Street and at the north at Thornden Park. The street developed from the south to the north, with the oldest houses closer to Clarendon and Avondale Place. Number 510 is a wooden house that may have originally been Italianate in style, and possibly dates from the 1850s or 1860s. Number 500 is a fine late Victorian house similar to some on Allen Street. It was probably built between 1895 and 1900. Newer homes from the teens and twenties – including several attractive bungalows (110 and 112) and Colonial Revival houses – are spread throughout the street and especially at the north end. Right next door, however, is Number 428 from around 1920, that combines Tudor and Arts & Crafts elements, and is striking in its rough concrete or stucco surface. There are even a few small cottage-like houses, probably from the 1940s.