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623 Euclid Ave / Loomis House

  • Built: ca. 1890
  • Architect: Unknown
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This large Queen Anne style house was already standing in 1892, and belonged to E. L. and Emma Loomis. In 1901 E. L. Loomis was secretary and manager of the Bankers Mortgage Company of Syracuse. In the same year he also was one those who incorporated the new Eastwood Manufacturing Company. In 1910 he was Deputy Superintendent of Poor, a post he held for many years. He had been involved in real estate development with his father Henry H. Loomis, and the two were active in developing the Westminster Tract and many other parcels in the 16th and 17th wards.

This is one of the oldest houses in the neighborhood and rivals contemporary houses on West Onondaga Street and North Townsend Street in size and decoration. It is the best example of the Queen Anne style near Westcott, even though its present green color is not representative of what would been an original polychromatic paint job that would have emphasized the many different shapes, angles, and types of siding, especially the decorative shingle patters, some of which still survive. The house’s impressive qualities recall the short period of neighborhood development before the streetcar and subsequent congestion on Euclid Avenue discouraged grand houses.

The house has served as student rental housing for many years.