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Stop #13

212 Scottholm Blvd

  • Built: ca. 1920
  • Architect: Unknown
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This two-story American Four Square residence with added Craftsman style details looks somewhat out of place on Scottholm Boulevard among all the Revival style houses. This simply but  elegantly designed quintessentially American style house has a hipped roof with dormers on each roof plane. The deep overhanging eaves from these and the ample porch give this house – which is essentially a simple box – a sense of mass and volume.

Architect Carl Stearns, who for many years has lived in and cared for this house thinks there was no architect, and that in its time that house design was “common, right down to the Camel cigarette packs left inside the walls.”  The big picture windows are an early rehab (their little soffits still containing wooden plaster lath), typical of at least two other houses on the opposite side of Scottholm Boulevard., one in 200 block and one in 300 block.  The garage appears to have been built  right after WW II, to which Stearns had added the 4′ high shingled loft.