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The Westcott Neighborhood of Syracuse, NY

A vibrant eastside neighborhood rich in history, culture, food and entertainment

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The Old Neighborhood Part II

Stop #17

202 Greenwood Place

  • Built: Ca. 1900
  • Architect: Unknown
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This is a fine examples of what is today called a “homestead house,” perhaps the most common type of American vernacular architecture in the 19th and early 20th century. The house if a simple rectangular wood frame box of two stories and an attic with the front gable of the simple two part roof included as part of the façade, like a temple pediment. The location of the stairway can always be located by finding the window that floats between the first and second floors. This usually indicates the landing on an interior “dog-leg” stair.   In Syracuse the street face often included a projecting front porch from which the house was entered.