Westcott Community

The Westcott Neighborhood of Syracuse, NY

A vibrant eastside neighborhood rich in history, culture, food and entertainment

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Gridded Garden

Stop #18

101 & 107 Clarke Street

  • Built: before 1910
  • Architect: Unknown
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These are the only two houses on the north side of the street built before 1910. You can see that 101 (owned by author Bruce Colville) has been restored to its original form, and painted with lively colors. 107 remains covered with aluminum siding, but if you look carefully at the building you can still make it original form. Who knows what remains underneath the more modern (1960s?) skin? Typical of many houses of this type is that the projecting bays, such as those on the west side, only rise one story. These allow more light into the living and dining rooms downstairs, but more floor space for the bedrooms up above. There is a second floor projecting bay in the room above the entrance, and this would have been the master bedroom. A reverse of this arrangement can be seen down the street at the near-twin houses of 123 and 127 Clarke Street.