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The Westcott Neighborhood of Syracuse, NY

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The Old Neighborhood Part II

Stop #18

112 Greenwood Place

  • Built:
  • Architect: Unknown
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This is another example of an attractive bungalow on this tour.  Greenwood Place has more of this type of simple inexpensive house than any other street in the Westcott neighborhood.

Many variations of bungalow designs were offered in popular house catalogs during the first decades of the 20th century. The standard Bungalow is square or rectangular in plan, one-and-a-half stories high, with horizontal lines, a low pitched gable or jerkin-head (clipped gable) roof, wide roof overhangs and gable or jerkin-head roofed front porch. Various home building companies sold kits including plans, pre-cut lumber and all the interior finishing materials, so that bungalows could be purchased cheap and constructed quickly.