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515 Allen St

  • Built: ca. 1904
  • Architect: Unknown
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This substantial house might have been called a “colonial” when built. In form it is a variant of the favorite 19th-century three-gabled-ell plan, though on a more robust scale than the examples found on South Beech and Westcott Streets built a decade or more earlier and the attic space is expanded with large dormers. All the gables are defined as pediments, so we see a design that includes many different-sized triangles.  This is a wide house that takes advantage of the lot.

Until recently the house was covered with ugly brown siding and the front porch had been walled in. There was probably some type of flower or vine decoration applied to the porch pediment, as can be seen on many contemporary houses in the neighborhood.  Because the house has a foundation made of cast blocks and not cut stone, it is probably not one of the very first houses built on the stretch of Allen Street, but still dates from the early 20th century.