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684 Allen Street

  • Built: ca. 1915
  • Architect: Unknown
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The family of Charles Pack first occupied this house in 1915. Pack was a local builder and manufacturer of building supplies. He was the son of George Pack, who founded the company, located at 415 East Water Street. The company sold “mason’s supplies” and manufactured “adamant wall plaster” at 1101 North State Street, and bricks at still another site. Given his profession and his access to materials, it is assumed that Charles Pack initiated and oversaw the construction of the house. The property is now owned by Dr. Gary Jacobs, whose optometry office occupies the basement level.

A spacious screened porch, articulated with Tuscan Doric columns, runs the length of the Allen Street side of the house. The living room features a ceiling-high fireplace of large cobblestones, which the owner rediscovered during a remodeling project.