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700 Allen Street, Anna Stohrer House

  • Built: 1923
  • Architect: Ward Wellington Ward
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Unlike the still colonial style early Tuck House, a block away at the Corner of Concord Place , the Stohrer house is designed in full Arts & Crafts mode with a strong hint of the English vernacular. Ward brought to this relatively small house – really of bungalow – some the same sense of sprawling grandeur he employed in contemporary houses for richer clients outside the city. Though seemingly low, the house has a second story with three bedrooms. The main facade features a prominent cross gable that covers a porch, articulated latticework between square columns. At the other end, t he attached garage opening onto Clarke Street extends the width of the house even further. The garage still has its original doors. The fact that the house sit on a rise gives it stature its otherwise low profile lacks, and this verticality balances the otherwise mostly horizontal lines of the design.

(Updated August 2020)