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470 Allen St

  • Built: 1900
  • Architect: J.D. Taylor
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J.D. Taylor built this house in the early 1900s. There is a duplicate house with almost identical floor plan just across the street at 445. It was (and is) common for builders to construct two houses the same, with slight changes to the windows, or a porch, or some other decoration. This house is a distinctive Victorian home of about 2,450 square feet with Queen Anne style windows and shingle decoration on the second story. The porch is embellished with unusual Gothic decoration.

The original owner was Arthur F. Mundy, who purchased the house in 1906, but only lived here a few years. Willis J. Spicer, a lawyer with the firm Spicer, Dutton and Shaw, lived in the house for fourteen years. The Reverend Theodore L. Conklin, his wife Isabell and their three daughters resided at 470 for nearly forty years.