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Clarendon Street

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  • Architect: Unknown
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Clarendon Street was is the extreme northern border of the Westminster Tract, and runs up and across the hill the rises from Euclid Avenue and continues to what is now Thornden Park, and what was, at the time of the street was created the Davis Estate. Clarendon, originally named Clarke Street, was among the first areas developed in the tract. This stretch of Clarke Street had its name changed in 1908. Soon afterward, architect and developer Clarence S. Congdon purchased several lots atop the hill where he built his own house in 1909 and shortly afterward, two adjacent houses; 229 and 307 Clarendon.

Clarendon Street just west of Sumner descends toward Syracuse University. This stretch of street is still paved in brick, which originally gave good traction for horses and still provides traction and footing for vehicles and pedestrians, especially in winter. It Is one of only a few stretches of exposed brick paving remaining on the Eastside (the others are Scottholm Terrace and Westmoreland Street). Just a few years ago the city had plans to pave over the brick, but protests by neighbors saved the original paving.

On the north side of this hill are several notable houses. These were built as single family residences but today are all student rentals.