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711, 721, 725 & 743 Allen Street

  • Built: ca. 1912
  • Architect: Ward Wellington Ward & others
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The west side of the 700 block of Allen Street, which backs up on a wooded hillside, contains a mix of house types and among these are four small cottage-size houses with Arts & Crafts elements. One of these, at #725, is the Eugene Kelly House designed by Ward Wellington Ward and built in 1912. The architects of numbers 711,  721, and 743 are at present unknown.


 711 Allen Street, 2011


711 Allen Street, 2015

Number 711 was recently remodeled and most of its original exterior details, including windows, were removed over covered with vinyl siding. Here are before and after views.  You can see in the earlier photo that the design of the small house was dependent on the use of recurring rectangles: the open spaces of the porch, the windows with their different-sized panes, and the panels above the windows made with faux-half-timbering. Variety was added in the contrast between the textured shingles below and the smooth plaster of the upper panels.


721 Allen Street, 2015

Number 721 employs real half timbering on its sides – building up large side gable walls with exposed planks and plaster fill panels. Two large multi-window dormers rise from within the sharply sloping roof that extends of over a front porch.


725 Allen Street, 2015

The Ward-designed Kelly house is hard to view today due heavy vegetation that grows on the slope that is its front yard.  The modest two-story shingled house has its entrance off-center on the north (left) side of the facade set under a projecting cover supported by brackets. The varied window sizes and the projecting door cover are typical elements in Ward houses.  Like most Ward houses, more Arts & Crafts details would be seen indoors.

745 Allen Street

Number 745 is a simple two-story English cottage style house. Like  #721 it has a dormer (with half-timber details) rising from within the sloping roof that extends to create a porch. Inside, the house has dark wood paneling a visible ceiling beams. typical of Arts & Crafts design.

These houses were all probably built for young couples and families.