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608 Ackerman Ave / Alfred Taylor House

  • Built: ca. 1912
  • Architect: Clarence S. Congdon (?)
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Architect Alfred T. Taylor (1862-1944) moved to this house ca.1917 from his previous location at 422 Euclid Ave, and lived here into the mid-1920s. The house was previously occupied by Clinton S. Herrick, who may have had it built ca. 1912. The story is that Taylor and Herrick swapped residences. In any case, in 1920 Taylor was living at 608 Ackerman and Herrick was at 422 Euclid Avenue.

Taylor had studied at MIT. He worked in New York City before coming to Syracuse in 1902, where among other jobs he did occasional work for Gustav Stickley. He worked with architect Albert Brockway for five years, and also Edwin Bonta. In 1910-11 he was architect (with Arnold Brunner) of Temple Society of Concord at University Avenue and Madison Street.