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213 Scottholm Terrace / Lou & Celia Skoler House

  • Built: 1957
  • Architect: Lou Skoler
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At its peak, Scottholm Terrace reaches a height of 640 feet above sea level, rising approximately 110 feet above the remainder of the Scottholm neighborhood. To conquer these challenges, the sloped ground was sculpted and leveled to allow for residential construction. This is visible today as each residential lot ‘steps’ up the hill. Even so, the steepest portions of the neighborhood, requiring the most leveling, were developed last and thus contain many mid-20th-century homes.


Among these is the lovely and delicate Skoler House, designed in 1957 by Syracuse University architecture professor Lou Skolar (d. 2008) as his own home, and influenced by Japanese design. The house sits lightly on the hilltop and offers breathtaking views to the north and east.


The house is one of the few modern style buildings in Syracuse listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its present occupants have worked hard to maintain its architectural integrity.