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Euclid Terrace

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This high tract of land, and a larger tract south of Euclid Avenue, was owned by Mary Barber. It remained undeveloped until after World War I when Euclid Terrace was laid out.  No doubt the opening of Erwin Methodist church across Euclid Avenue in 1914 brought greater visibility to this almost invisible street. Its location close to a major intersection and trolley line, but set apart as an almost private street, would have had great appeal in the 1920s as it still does today.

As late 1924, however, only a few houses had been built on this cul-de-sac, but development by Lane & Goes picked up in 1925. A newspaper account reported “rapid progress” for the 15 lots in the tract, with the developers limiting themselves to “small one-family houses especially designed for the terrace.”


“Euclid Terrace Lots Developed,” Post-Standard (May 17, 1925)