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The Westcott Neighborhood of Syracuse, NY

A vibrant eastside neighborhood rich in history, culture, food and entertainment

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Stop #42

300-312 Allen St

  • Built: ca. 1900
  • Architect: Unknown
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The three houses were once quite similar, and may all have been built at the same time by the same developer. All are large late Victorian variations on the American Foursquare house but with projecting central bays on their facades and a variety of sidings including a mix clapboard and decorative shingles, much as can still be seen on several contemporary houses on Allen Street across East Genesee.  In recent years, these house have been re-sided and or “re-muddled” to different degrees. #312, despite changes, best retains its original appearance.

In 1910 noted French language and literature professor C. W. Cabeen purchased a house here – what was then number #302 – probably the house on the corner. According to a notice in the New York Times, Cabeen had come to teach at Syracuse University in 1895 from his previous position at Oberlin College. A newspaper mention of the house sale at the time stated:

“The residence at No. 302 Allen Street has been purchased by Prof. C. W. Cabeen through Fred N. Van Patten, of S. K. Clute, who is connected with the Standard Oil -Company at Albany. This house stands on the crest of the hill overlooking miles of surrounding country and is one of the finest, up to date, center hall houses in this section.”


“Syracuse University Opens: Number of New Professors for the College of Liberal Arts, ” New York Times (Sept 27, 1895)