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Stop #48 The Robert Duncan House

123-125 Cambridge St

  • Built: 1915
  • Architect: Ward Wellington Ward
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This two-story house on the east side of Cambridge Street near East Genesee was designed by Ward Wellington Ward, though it has been much altered. There are no drawings for the house, nor does it have a number in Ward’s job book, but there are records for tiles ordered from the Moravian Pottery Works for the house’s two Mercer fireplaces. If one can imagine away the vinyl siding, one can imagine a house that probably had some kind clapboard on ground story, with painted stucco or shingle on the upper level. The lattice work on the north porch retains Ward’s typical vocabulary.

The asymmetrical facade, despite the new siding, still shows the Arts and Crafts Movement design inspiration. A tall brick chimney with some decorative brickwork dominates the facade and separates the entrance on the right and a two-story gable topped projection on the left, with four joined rectangular sash windows on the first story and three on the second story. The one-story entry bay is fronted by an entrance porch that merges the classical aedicula form with Tudor Revival elements. A north facing second story sleeping porch roof is supported by square wooden piers, connected and attached to the wall be a decorative wood railing and latticework.

The house is now a rental property and is very well maintained. With the example of the Morgan Dunne House on Allen Street in mind, we hope that someday an owner will choose to remove the vinyl and restore the original appearance.

(updated August 2020)