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What Events & Services Are Needed?


Written by Rebecca Shaffer Mannion

June 29, 2015

There have been many changes in the University/Westcott Neighborhood since we moved here for graduate school in 1998. We were in our early twenties, renters with no real connection to any neighborhood organizations. But that was 18 winters ago. Over time we became aware of the Westcott Community Center, Southeast University Neighborhood Association (SEUNA) &University Neighborhood Preservation Association (UNPA). The programs offered weren’t relevant to us at the time. We quickly saw their value once we became home owners and our family grew. We were UNPA grant recipients when we purchased our charming bungalow.  I am fortunate enough to work on community events, needs of neighbors and maintain connections to other neighborhood organizations as the director of UNPA.

Yet, I personally think of what we might be missing. What programs or services would residents like to see more of?  Who are we missing with these neighborhood programs and services? What would get you out your door and to a neighborhood event?

When we moved here there wasn’t as much as there is now: more restaurants, coffee shops & a bike shop. I do miss Seven Rays, though! But thinking of ways to bring people together, share our knowledge, support each other and develop a stronger community is often on my mind. Petit Library continues to develop new programs, hosts concerts & book clubs, and the Westcott Community Center offers a variety of programs for seniors, school-age children, and those needing to speak with an attorney or counselor.

What about urban homesteading—gardening, simple bike repairs, canning? Who would you like to see speak at the Eastside Lecture Series or hold a concert at Thornden? Is there a need for a drop-in time for parents with young children, or ways that multiple generations can come together for a Story Corps-type program?

Let’s keep the conversation going! Strong communication is imperative for all of us to keep in touch and be aware of events & community forums. The intention of this website is just that—being able to hear from as many people as possible to make our neighborhood even better. I look forward to hearing your ideas & feedback.

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