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Saturday July 2 2016
11:00 pm


Hosted by: Alto Cinco

Alto Cinco is proud to present a gathering of international artists LIVE in concert:

(Leo Crandall, Curtis Waterman , Hymie Witthoft , Rich Curry)
Saturday, July 2, 11pm-#LateNight
No Cover

THIS SATURDAY! Gonstermachers bring their unique, one-of-a-kind, authetic rootsy musical experience to the hub of Westcott St. Come see this incredible show Late Night at Alto Cinco!

“Their disparate sound is an offbeat amalgam of the artsy post-punk pretensions of Nick Cave, detached vocals of the late Mark Sandman (Morphine) and a little macabre imagery ala Tom Waits. This is not your Grandma’s Blues; this is the post-modern nihilistic sort you’d expect to hear behind film noir. This eclectic “art/blues” is certainly an acquired taste but fans of the referenced artists (Waits, Morphine, Cave) shouldn’t think twice.” – Dylann DeAnna, Blues Critic

“Powerful elemental atmosphere, with, at times throughout the album an almost religious emotional inner peacefulness which sublimely is enforced… some of the finest sounding, fast and slow harp led musical expeditions which delve into soulful and at times plaintive blues.” – Brian Harmon, Blue Art Studio

” Raw honest and authentic style that will amuse, entertain, and touch you deep in our musical soul. – Blueshammer, Blue Monday Monthly

” Deep south Blues as processed through dark and disturbed imaginings…quake, little mortals, and fear the darkness.” – Sadie O. KZSU Zookeeper

“Emotive, dark, richly textured…the more I listen to this CD the more I want to. It is an album to live with.” – Billy Hutchinson, Blues Matters

“A seductively creepy edge. They’re cryptic and unsettling with danger lurking around every shadowy corner…Greasy blues harp undulate along hard-on percussion…massive freshman album. – – Doug Hill, Norman Transcript, UK

“The fabulous Gonstermachers: this is really an original outfit… They are really stunning!” – Massimo Ferro – Radio Voce Spazio

“With a lineup featuring … and a sensibility that alternates the shambolic sounds of Tom Waits with energetic harp workouts, New York’s Gonstermachers are bound to leave listeners both slightly nonplussed and amazed at their eponymous self-release.” – Blues Revue