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Sunday March 4 2018
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Thornden Park Association 22nd Annual Chili Bowl Fest

Hosted by: Thornden Park Association

All neighbors and friends of Thornden Park are invited to the Thornden Park Association’s 22nd annual Chili Bowl Festival on Sunday March 4th from noon to 3pm. Enjoy a tasty bowl of chili (or two) while reconnecting with friends and neighbors, and lis- tening to great local artists.
The Chili Bowl festival is the major fundraiser for the Thornden Park Association (TPA) and funds raised by the event, help to restore and revitalize the park, as well as, provide programing for both children and adults.
You can support the park by buying raffle tickets, making a donation at the event, or becoming a member of the Thornden Park Association. Additionally there are sponsorship opportunities for businesses. For more information on these opportunities, please contact Sondra Roth at sondracuse@gmail.com.
TPA is also hosting a Facebook photograph competition between now and the Festival. The user-posted Thornden photograph to get the most ‘likes’ between now and March 3rd will win a bowl of chili!