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423 Euclid Avenue / Frank P. Collins House

  • Built: 1912
  • Architect: Ward Wellington Ward
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The Collins house was illustrated in the monograph Ward Wellington Ward, published before 1920. This house is greatly altered and the garage has been destroyed. The roof shape is the same, but the upper level of the east porch has been changed; the faux-stone bay covered with deep wide projecting eaves on the first level has been added; and the front door facing Euclid Avenue, which once was flanked with columns, has been entirely altered.

Collins was the owner of the F. P. Collins Paint Co., founded in 1899, located at 225 W. Fayette St. and he took out a full page ad in the back Ward’s book, stating that “all of the beautiful residences illustrated in the brochure are finished with Pratt & Lambert Varnishes and painted with Lawrence Paints sold exclusively by F. P. Collins Paint Company.”


Collins was born in Ireland and came to America in 1878. After settling in Rochester he came to Syracuse in 1890, where he established the paint business with his three sons; William E., John Emmett and Francis Chilton. William E. lived next door at 732 Sumner Avenue

In 1919, Ward designed a new house and garage for Collins at 2201 East Genesee Street that still survives.