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Thursday September 15 2016

UNPA Annual Meeting & Pot Luck

Hosted by: UNPA – University Neighborhood Preservation Association

Let’s celebrate our neighbors! UNPA’s Annual Meeting is Sept 15th & we would like to recognize valued residents of our neighborhood You can post your nominees for each of the 3 awards here or email director@unpa.net. We would love to have some photos to display of our nominees. Deadline is 8/12.

Community Advocacy: Who do you know that gives back to our neighborhood like no other? Someone who is a champion that keeps the community running and makes it even better? Often seen with a clipboard or sending emails.

Home Restoration: This person went above and beyond to bring life back to a house and made it a home. Someone that the neighbors saw lugging in lumber each weekend and spending every evening painting or sanding a part of the house.

Curb Appeal: Someone who went for it. Didn’t stop at plopping some annuals in a hanging basket (or buying them at the market). They dug deep, they sowed and they made sure no weed stopped them.

The University Neighborhood Preservation Association is committed to promoting owner-occupancy by primarily administering a homebuyers assistance program that helps families and individuals purchase homes in the UNPA Target Area.